Huyser Möller Foundation


Huyser Möller’s non-profit foundation is dedicated to our social and (agro-)forestry impact projects in the cocoa communities across our supply chains. The foundation meets all the conditions of a Public Benefit Organization (PBO/ANBI), meaning the efforts of the foundation are entirely committed to the public benefit.


The purpose of the fund is to serve as a catalyst towards improved farmer livelihoods and thriving sustainable cocoa communities in our supply chains, by:


  • Improving access to quality education
  • Economic empowerment of women and youth
  • Improving access to quality healthcare
  • Promoting environmental protection and prevention of deforestation


The board


Chair: Woltherus Hendrikus van Deursen

Management: Ted Josephus Paulus Boereboom

Secretary/treasurer: Jan Jaco Martijn Spanninga


Remuneration Policy


The directors of the Foundation receive no remuneration. If necessary, there may be an expense scheme.



The foundation strives to make the greatest possible contribution to its objective, aiming to have at least 50% of the annual income of the foundation benefit the objective. The board can refrain from this for reasons of its own, but there can be no question of hoarding.



The foundation's board aims to be primarily a capital fund and not a fundraising institution. The foundation's modest assets are held in an account with a bank in The Netherlands. Excess balances are held in a savings account. For the time being, the capital will not be invested on a risk-bearing basis. The two board members are jointly authorized to dispose of the balances of the foundation. No unnecessary costs are incurred, so that the resources of the foundation can fully benefit the foundation's objectives.

In no particular order, the following award criteria apply to the project:


  • The objectives of the project must correspond to the objectives of the foundation.
  • Application should include a technical and detailed financial proposal.
  • Project management and coordination must take place at the project location and otherwise in the Netherlands
  • Projects that are already known to the individual board members have priority.

Report of the activities carried out


A more detailed description of the activities of the foundation can be found under the financial accountability.



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